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Boulder, CO, USA · Sydney, Australia · United States


11-50 employees

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CDNs are the last bastion of the web application delivery stack to be integrated with agile development workflows. All other CDNs support waterfall Dev practices. They are physical networks which exist in production and completely outside development environments. Developers and ops teams can experience "finger pointing" when application code deployed from dev or test to production does not work cohesively with the production CDN. Often, as a result, the valuable performance, scalability or security features of the CDN can be toned down or turned off. means development teams can build web software with a binary equivalent of the production CDN running in their development environment. This in turn means developers can build applications which are CDN aware and where every app code deploy will work harmoniously with the configuration of the CDN. Ops teams can safely and reliably tune and configure the CDN in their local Dev environment to provide the maximum application performance and security improvement. Supporting Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment principles, Dev and Ops teams deploy's CDN using familiar Git commit processes. also provides a real time metrics and logging platform (Graphite, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash) providing teams with the same logs and metrics in Dev, Test and Prod environments. \ has operations in Sydney (Australia) and Boulder and customers including Mazda, Thrifty Car Rental and Nike.

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