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Social Media Manager



Marketing & Communications
Posted on Thursday, August 24, 2023
At Glowforge, we help people bring home the future and make it their own. Our printer uses a laser to carve and engrave products from raw materials like wood, leather, acrylic – even cardboard. Take a look and see for yourself.
We build magical products to delight our customers, and we do it while taking care of each other. We hire people who are outstanding at what they do, who thrive in tight-knit teams, and who want to make things that make a difference.
Together, we've built a product we're incredibly proud of, and the reward has been incredible growth.
We work together because we believe in the power of creativity. We believe we can bring about a future where anyone can print anything.
We're a remote-first company - just let us know where you prefer to work from!
Why We Need You
The passion for Glowforge on social media is simply electric. Just one look at#glowforge and you'll see what we mean.
We've cultivated quite the community across our social media platforms, but in true Glowforge spirit, we're always looking to learn and grow - more connections, more conversations, more Glowforge enthusiasts. To achieve this, we need a maestro of content that not just attracts eyeballs, but also captivates minds, tells an enchanting story, and nudges people to engage with us so enthusiastically that their like, comment and share buttons won't know what hit them.
And guess what? We think that maestro is you.
Social media isn't just another channel for us. It's the window into the wondrous realm of owning a Glowforge; a vital way we connect with our beloved community. Without making our mark there, our mission - to build a world where anyone can print anything - remains just that, a mission. We need your help to make it a reality.
Here’s what you’ll be doing
Using your incredible experience in social media, you’ll develop and execute a social media strategy that gets us in front of millions of current and future customers, every week.

Specifically, you’ll be:

  • Crafting an original, inventive social media strategy that skyrockets our reach and engagement levels.
  • Unleashing compelling, socially-native content, from curiosity-creating videos to user-generated content and compelling captions on all new and emerging platforms.
  • Being our social media hero, ready to defuse situations with customers who might be having a rough day. Your superpower? Turning frowns into smiles.
  • Running meticulous testing and analysis of data and trends to supercharge our results.
  • Leading a dynamic ensemble of part-time social media specialists, inspiring them to generate fresh, engaging content.
  • Building powerful alliances with the Marketing team, ensuring we orchestrate an unforgettable customer journey every time.

You need these qualifications:

  • You have cultivated massively successful social media accounts for brands or agencies, across a variety of social channels and platforms
  • While you love reaching millions of people at once through social media, you also thrive on the one-on-one interactions you have with the community
  • You’re a compelling writer, and your work gets tremendous engagement from readers.
  • You know how to use data to inform content marketing plans - at the end of the day, you love to experiment and track results.

It would be nice if…

  • You have created a wildly successful social media account, Subreddit, or social community for yourself or a topic you care about
  • You can show us countless viral Instagram Reels or TiKToks that have amassed tons of views
  • You have a personal passion for what we’re making… in fact, the idea of getting to use a Glowforge all day sounds like your dream job!
We love cover letters. We read them before the resume. Please tell us about a product that you worked on that you’re proud of, and what contribution you made that you’re most excited about.
In your cover letter, in addition to whatever you’d like to say, please tell us about the product or feature you’re most proud of in your portfolio. What about it makes you grin from ear to ear?
There's one more very important thing. We are an equal opportunity employer. We search for amazing people with a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives. We take care of each other to create an inclusive work environment where we love to come to work every day. We'd be happy to provide reasonable accommodations to help you apply - just email us at We'd love to have you join us.